Delegation of Powers till finalisation of Board’s own Regulation

No.1 SEB Dated April 12,1959

  1. Chief Engineer (Hydel), Lucknow.
  2. General Manager, KESA, Kanpur.

I enclose for your information and guidance a copy of Resolution No. 2 passed by the Board at its first meeting held on April 1, 1959. All Officers subordinate to you may also kindly be informed of these orders.


Whereas the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board may interalia make regulations under section 79 (c) of the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 (Act No. LIV of 1948) to provide for the duties of officers and servants of the Board.

And whereas the making of regulations may take some time. Now, therefore, the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board hereby resolves that the administrative and financial powers delegated by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to the Chief Engineer (Hydel), Electricity Department and the General manager, Kanpur Electricity Supply Administration and their subordinates, immediately prior to April 1, 1959, be continued to be vested in and exercised by them to the same extent in each case as hitherto fore and similarly the duties, responsibilities and functioned shall continue to be performed by them as hitherto fore until necessary regulations in this regard are framed by the Board under Section 79 (c) of the aforesaid Act.