INTRODUCTION (UPSEB Orders and Circulars)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this new and latest edition of all the important orders and circulars of the Board brought under one roof as it were, within the covers of this volume.

Since the second edition was published about a decade ago there has been a vast accretion, much clarification, and some would say, much obfuscation I It is all here, brought up to the minute.

Officers and subordinates of the State Board will find this new compendium an indispensable companion in helping to resolve all their difficulties and doubt in all those impossible situations which arise sooner or later in the discharge of their functions, no less then in the discharge of the daily routine-a hand book of ready reference. I congratulate the initiative and enterprises of the Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Parishad Lekha sangh for this compilation which I am given to understand, is the first in a trilogy which promises to be followed by, ‘Establishment Rules and Orders in U.P. State Electricity Board’ and finally U.P.S.E.B works Manual which together, will be valuable to the highest officers in U.P State Electricity Board no less than to all those whose field of endeavour is the all important level of grass root decisions.

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(Lucknow, June 20, 1987)


The Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Parishad Lekha sangh have felt justified in publishing this fourth edition of its monumental compilation of the important orders and circulars of the U.P State Electricity Board after an interval of more than six years-with particular reference to those in field of:

  • Stores Purchase
  • Delegation of Powers
  • Work Contracts
  • Accounting Procedure
  • Establishment
  • Local Inspection and Post Audit

If there is any inadvertent omission of any important order or directive we crave the magnanimity of our readers for the omission and will try and include it in subsequent reprints depending on the response to this issue.

From the chairman of the Board to the tyro who joined yesterday this volume will be mine of information, an indispensable VADE Macum (COMPANION), a reference book which will save them hours of, some-times fruitless, research in search of the relevant directive or explanation. Such compilations are a continuing endeavour which, nevertheless, have taken the present compilers over a year to process. And without the guidance of Sarva Shri J.P Elhance, S.V. gupta, S.N.S. Chandravanshi & M.K. Soti it would have been an even more difficult task which would have taken longer to fruition. Our Thanks to one and all especially our dear Sri S.C Misra, but for whose constent encouragement till his sad and early demise it must have taken even so much longer to see the light of day.

July 31, 1993 (U.C. Agrawal & A.K. Agrawal)