Leave and Leave Encashment

Affixing of second Saturday to earned leave not permissible

No. 1673/64/XXIIII-PB-83-EH/64 Dated Dec. 4, 1964

With reference to your letter No. 7404-HE-1B-122E dated 5-8-64 on the subject mentioned above, I am directed to say that *With starting pay of Rs.1225 p.m. as notified vide B.O. No. 980-P/SEB-20-P/86 Dt. Dec. 1, 1986. under fundamental rule 68 read with SR1 (A)(2) only those holidays, which are declared as “public holiday” under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, or are notified as holidays in the gazette, can be allowed to be prefixed or suffixed to leave, Since the second Saturday has not been so declared or notified it cannot be allowed to be prefixed or suffixed to leave.