Policy in regard to posting and transfer of staff on shift duties in major thermal power station

No. 1922-G/SEB-I-87A/70 Dated: July 17, 1982

Marked improvement in performance of the major thermal power stations at Obra, Panki and Harduaganj has lately been noticed. During visits of Chairman to thermal power stations from time to time, and also other-wise, he has been assured by different sections of engineers, Junior Engineers and other staff of their earnest desire and efforts to keep-up the improvement. At the same time, repeated have been received that no specifie restrictions be placed on the period of stay of engineers or Junior engineers on shift duties.

2. Taking into consideration all aspect of the matter, improvement already made in the performance of the major thermal power stations, and the assurance of all section of officers and employees to keep up the progress in generation, the following orders are issued, in supercession of the orders contained in Office Memorandum No. 652-G (01 PM)/SEB-I-87A/70, dated the 2nd March, 1982 with regard to the posting and transfer of staff on shift duties on major thermal power stations having unit rating of 30 MW and above :

1. The placement of engineers and junior engineers in shift duties, out of those allotted shall be at the sole discretion of the GM/CE/ACE/CPM Incharge of the concerned project and his decisions and orders in these matters shall be final.

2. In posting staff to shift duties, the concerned GM/CE/ACE/CPM shall ensure that shift duties are manned by persons who have been adequately trained and fit foe the job assigned to them.

3. “Where necessary, the GM/CE/ACE/CPM concerned shall arrange adequate implant training by posting him in parallel with the shift engineer or Operator concerned to ensure that he is capable of independently operating each control desk and equipment’s placed under his charge and that he specifically understands the protective and operative requirement of the equipment’s under his charge and the lubricating and cooling system of all rotating machines which he has to handle.

4. It shall be in the sole discretion of the concerned GM/CE/ACE/CPM to post an engineer or Junior Engineer on shift in intermittent spells, as may he considered necessary in the interest of proper performance of the power Station.

5. Where-ever and whenever any avoidable failure of plant or equipment or reduction in generation occurs, each such occurrence shall be got promptly investigated by GM/CE/ACE/CPM concerned and where it is established that such failure or loss of generation has been due to negligence or failure of any Officer of official, the responsibility shall be promptly fixed and adequate disciplinary action taken against the persons involved.