Transfer policy in respect of class III and IV employees of the Board

No. 1773-NG/SEB-IV 80-1-NG/79 Dated 31-03-1980

The matter relating to the formulation of a placement and transfer policy in respect of class III & IV employees has been engaging attention of the Board for quite sometime past and orders in this connection have been issued from time to time. This B.O. is being issued consolidating the various B.Os foe=r such category of staff issued in the past. Broadly speaking class III & class IV employees of the Board can be divided in following four categories :-

  1. Junior Engineers.
  2. Operating Staff.
  3. Ministerial Staff
  4. Class IV employees.

1. Junior Engineers

1.1 For the placement policy for Junior Engineers the activities of the Board can be divided into four major disciplines with their sub-disciplines as follows :-

1.1.2. Distribution

(i) Rural Electrification construction.

(ii) Operation and maintenance if distribution system in rural areas and towns & cities etc.

(iii) Protection management-testing of relays etc.

(iv) Meter management.

(v) Secondary lines and Sub-Station construction (66/33KV).

(vi) Operation and maintenance of 33/66 KV transmission line and Sub-station.

(vii) Repairs and overhauling of transformers and other equipment’s.

1.1.3. Transmission

(i) Construction of 132KV/320KV Lines.

(ii) Operation and maintenance of 132KV/220KV/400KV transmission lines.

(iii) Construction of 132KV/220KV/400KV Sub-stations.

(iv) Operation and maintenance of 132KV/220KV/400KV Sub-station.

(v) Testing and Commissioning of protection scheme 132KV/220KV/400KV lines and Sub-stations.

1.1.4. Generation-Thermal & Hydel

(i) Construction activities.

(ii) Shift duties in operation.

(iii) Maintenance of plant and equipment.

(iv) major overhauling works.

(v) Miscellaneous jobs.

1.1.5. General Duty Assignments viz-Control/Material management/Headquarters/monitoring etc.

1.2. AT the initial appointment the Chief Engineer (Hydel) shall allot the Junior Engineers to one the above disciplines namely Distribution/Transmission/Generation as per requirement in a particular field. All Junior Engineers having diplomas in Mechanical Engineering shall normally be posted to the Generation Wing. For the electrical work in Generation Wing adequate number of Junior Engineers having diplomas in Electrical Engineering will also be posted.

1.3. The C.Z.E.s/G.Ms/A.C.Es will then allot the Junior Engineers to the Superintending Engineers under them according to requirement.

1.3.2. The Superintending Engineers will then decide about the placement programme in respect of each individual Junior Engineer in the Circle as a whole., preferable in consultation with their Executive Engineers and ensure that every Junior Engineer is exposed to atleast 2/3 disciplines in the field in which he posted.

1.3.3. Once the above placement programme has been decided :-

(a) The first movement/transfer of a Junior Engineer shall be done by the Executive Engineer concerned after approximate, stay of, say about 3-4 years at one place, in the same Division. However, in respect of jobs of public contacts care shall be taken the junior Engineer is considered for movement as soon as he completes 3 years on that particular charge. Normally no one should be allowed to continue in a charge having public contacts for a period of more than four years. Another check should be exercised that no Junior Engineer shall stay at a particular station in Transmission and Distribution disciplines taken together for more than 5 years.

(b) As and when the second movement becomes due the Junior Engineer should normally be posted in another Division of the Circle by the Superintending Engineer. Wherever it is considered necessary to move the Junior Engineer out of the Circle, Proposals in time should be forwarded by the Superintending Engineer detailing reasons thereof to the C.Z.Es./G.Ms./A.C.Es./C.P.Ms.

(c) The third movement, which should again normally be due after completing 3/4 years of stay should be considered by the C.Z.Es./G.Ms./A.C.Es./C.P.Ms. within the Zone and outside the Circle if the Junior Engineer has stayed in a particular Circle for a period of 7 years or more, Another check should be exercised that Junior Engineers should not be posted in the same town/place either in the same division or in another division unless he has stayed 4-5 years away from that town/place.

1.4. In the projects and generating stations the posting programme of each and every Junior Engineer allotted to that major discipline shall include three to five years posting on shift duties. This is a MUST. The rotation will preferable be from construction to operation and then maintenance.

1.5. At the time of initial placement, the Junior Engineers shall not be allotted to a Circle having jurisdiction in their home district. This restriction shall, however, not apply on position in generation projects and Hill Zone. In Hill Zone a Junior Engineer shall not be posted in a district in which his home town lies.

1.6 In respect of Junior Engineers having served in Hill Zone for a period of more than 3-4 years at a stretch and if they so desire to move to Plains, their cases be considered at the time of annual summer placement by the Chief Engineer (Hydel). In such cases proposals for inter-zonal movement should be made available to the Chief Engineer (Hydel) by Chief Zonal Engineer, Hill Zone well in time.

1.7 Similarly Junior Engineers after completing a stay of about ten years period in a particular Generation Project, shall be considered for transfer to another Generation Project and names of such Junior Engineers shall be intimated to the Chief Engineer (Hydel) by G.M./C.P.M. for consideration of movement.

1.8 Of a Junior Engineer who has already put in the prescribed period of shift duty on project, is transferred to another project he will normally be considered for posting in duties other than the shift duties. However, if he has not put in the full prescribed period of shift duty he may be posted in shift duty for the remaining period.

1.9 Another check may he exercised that a Junior Engineer who has already completed shift duties in operation as Junior Engineer for a total period of 10 years or more should not be posted in shift duties. this restriction of putting in shift duties will cease to be operative as when he is promoted to the post of Assistant Engineer.

2. Operating Staff

2.1 Members of operating staff cadre should as far as possible be posted in their home district but they should not be posted within their home Tehshils and or in Sub-Division having jurisdiction over their Home Village.

2.2 Such employees should be posted at a minimum distance of 40 Kms. from their Home Village. In Hilly areas this distance will be 20 Km. instead of 40 Km. from their Home Village.

2.3 In case of the members of operating staff posted in the undertaking and have opted for Board’s term & conditions they may also be transferred in such a way that they should not be allowed to continue at one area for more than five years.

2.4 All such operating cadre employees, who have remained posted for five years or more at one block/Sub-Division should be transferred to some other block/Sub-Division in accordance with the orders contained in sub-para 2.2 & 2.3 above. It should be ensured that an employee should be transferred from a place on completion of five stay at the place.

2.5 The orders contained in para 2.1 & 2.4 will not apply to the staff posted in the Power Stations/Project sites.

2.6 C.Z.Es./A.C.Es. may also if administratively required, move class III & IV staff places within their Zones.

2.7 Instead of mass transfers in compliance of move orders not than 25 to 30% or operating staff should be moved in a year, Such of the members of the Operating Staff should be moved first who have completed longer years of stay at a particular place.

2.8 S.S.O./S.B.O./J.M.T./M.R. should not be allowed to stay on a particular post only. They should normally be rotated on these posts at an interval of every two-three years in case of Distribution Wing and every four/five years in case of Transmission Wing as may be desirable from the work/administrative point of view.

2.9 Another check should be exercised that the incumbent is not posted to the same Town/place either in the same division or in another division unless he has stayed 3 to 4 years away from town/place.

3. Ministerial

3.1 They will not be allowed to work at a particular seat for more than 3 years and in case of Bill Clerk this should be restricted to one year only.

3.2 Noter and Drafter will m=not be allowed to continue in a District beyond 7 years of stay in that District.

3.3 Similarly the Head Clerk should not be posted in their Home Town and should be rotated at a interval of after every 3 to 5 years.

3.4 However, another check should be exercised that the incumbent is not posted in the same town either in the same Division or other Division unless he has completed a stay of 3 to 4 years at some other place/town.

4. Class IV Employees

As far as possible, class IV employees should be posted in their Home District.

5. Transfer of all the above mentioned categories of staff before the expiry of their normal stay in one particular charge may be effected in the following conditions :-

(i) If the incumbent himself makes request indicating the difficulties and the e grounds are acceptable to the authorities concerned.

(ii) If movement is necessary for administrative reasons.

(iii) In the interest of work, if the services are requred at some other charge.

6. In all the above cases in para (5) the movement is to be ordered by the Executive/Superintending Engineer after obtaining the orders of his Superintending Engineer or Chief0 Engineer in writing respectively. However, in case of transfers on administrative ground of class IV employees these should be made as far as possible in their home Commissionary and in case of class III employees in their adjoining Commissionary.

All provisions of orders on the subject shall stand modified to the extent they inconsistent with these orders.